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We Curate The World’s Best Tea

A tea of the month club that curates amazing single origin teas from around the world. Nepal, Sri Lanka, Kenya, & beyond!

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Delivered To Your Door

Each month features 2 unique teas with flavor notes, a postcard, and steeping tips. The world of tea delivered to your door.

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A World Tour of Amazing Tea

We send you amazing teas you won’t find anywhere else. Every month a new country and delicious flavors to explore with your cup of tea.


Tea of the month club

Try tea from a new country each month

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Why our tea?

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Single Origin Tea

We sample hundreds of premium and award-winning teas from around the world every year and send you our absolute favorites.

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Ethically Sourced

We source our teas from small farms with real people, supporting their sustainable farming techniques to bring you the finest teas handcrafted with love.

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Fresh To Your Door

Taste the unique local flavors on every stop of your world tour of tea. Slow down each month to explore a new place, experience a different culture, and enjoy one of a kind tea.

Welcome to the Atlas tea of the month club, the best subscription box to discover new teas


When you join our tea of the month club, you’re joining a diverse community of tea lovers.

Our subscription box appeals to a wide range of tea drinkers from novices to aficionados because we do more than deliver incredible teas from around the world to your door—we create an experience with each cup you sip.

As a club member, you’ll enjoy a world class experience of tea exploration, with tasting notes to guide your palate, steeping tips to ensure you get the most flavor out of every cup, a country information card to learn more about where your tea comes from, a postcard to commemorate your tea journey, and more!

What makes Atlas the best tea subscription?

Each month you’ll receive amazing teas from around the world along with a connection to the history, culture, and community that makes your delicious daily cup possible.

Whether you’re new to the world of tea or you’re a bona fide tea addict, we’ll help you find the right box for you (or the perfect thoughtful gift for a tea lover)! Select your preferences and start discovering the best loose leaf teas from 50+ tea-producing countries around the world.

When’s the last time you sipped tea from Thailand? Laos? Malawi? Try the club today and find your new favorite tea!

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A world of tea delivered

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