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Each month they'll receive:
single origin tea
Premium loose leaf tea

We curate unique single origin teas from the best farms across the world
Tea Flavor Notes
Tasting notes

Explore the local flavors of the regions where our tea is grown
tea pot
Steeping recommendations

Each order includes tailored steeping tips to help them brew the perfect cup of tea
Postcard for each country

They'll receive a postcard with each country's unique tea growing methods & rich history.
tea leaves.
Our freshness guarantee

They’ll experience farm-to-cup fresh and delicious teas, handcrafted with love
world tea cup
A new adventure in every cup

They'll get transported to their dream destinations for a taste of the culture and the local teas.


This is such a thoughtfully composed tea subscription, from the packaging to the ethical sourcing to the taste. My first box included a black and green tea from Indonesia, and they were both crowd pleasers! I’m ready to be impressed again by the next box!"

Five star review - Ginger G.

Really love the warm and welcoming package. From the included postcard and tea descriptions, I feel the passion for the history and geographic birthplace for each tea. It gets me excited to explore the teas of the earth! The White Prakash is quite delicious. "

Five star review - Sonny W.

I was gifted this subscription by a dear friend. I love being able to experience the flavors of the world at home. The labeling on the tea itself is genius for people like me who enjoy teas but are sensitive to caffeine as it helps me gauge how much to add. All in all, beautiful, informative, and amazing teas! "

Five star review - Fay H.
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