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About Atlas Tea Club Every tea tells a story and we’re here to take you on a journey across the globe where you’ll discover the exciting flavors, fascinating cultures, and vibrant communities behind your new favorite cup of tea. Experience the world of tea as you explore a new country each month with a subscription tailored to your preferences and delivered to your door.

COMMUNITY We’re creating community through a shared love of exquisite tea, transforming daily tea routines into exciting experiences. We highlight the communities crafting amazing tea around the world, connecting club members to the history, art, and traditions of tea, as it travels across the globe from small farms into their favorite cup.

MISSION At Atlas Tea Club, we’re on a mission to share the world of tea. Our subscription takes you on a journey of flavor discovery as you try delicious teas from a new country each month. Get a taste of the rich histories and beautiful cultures on your world tour of amazing tea.