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Where do you get your tea?
Our tea is curated and procured from around the globe. We share the world of tea with you, bringing you tea from a new region or country each month.

With each tea box you’ll get information on the source and history of the tea, from ancient traditions to current farming practices. Check out our product descriptions for more info on the various gardens we source from or feel free to reach out and ask us!
Is your tea fair trade?
We support the fair trade movement and its aim to ensure fair wages for farmers worldwide. This certification typically helps raise the standards in the commodity tea industry, allowing the workers of mass production tea factories and farms to earn a living wage.

While we value the fair trade designation, we strive to go above and beyond it. We source only premium, single origin loose leaf tea. This specialty tea market is growing in popularity and with the increased demand for high quality tea, the majority of small Orthodox tea growers (and all the farms we work with) pay above “fair trade” prices, allowing their farmers and communities to thrive.
Do you flavor the tea?
We do not add any flavoring to our tea. The only ingredient in our tea is tea.
What are the tasting notes you list?
The tasting notes provide the flavors identified in each tea. There are hundreds of tea aromas and flavors to discover and enjoy in single origin tea.
If you’d like to learn more about flavors and aromas found in tea, visit The International Tea Masters Association's Tea Aroma Wheel Guide.
Do your teas contain caffeine?
Yes. We offer new teas each month that vary in caffeine content depending on the type of tea. While most of our teas may contain caffeine, the levels are lower than that of coffee. Tea naturally contains L-theanine which, combined with caffeine, provides focus and energy without the jitters and crash you get from coffee and other caffeinated beverages.
Do you offer caffeine-free?
We do offer caffeine free! Herbal teas, aka tisanes, are blends of herbs, spices, or fruits, and are naturally caffeine-free. Think peppermint, ginger, rooibos, etc. These teas rotate monthly and we feature countries that are known for growing or traditionally using these ingredients. While we source these teas from around the world, we don’t always source them from the monthly featured country.
Do you offer blends?
We source only the finest, premium loose leaf teas. At this time we don’t offer blends, as the farmers we work with specialize in one of a kind pure tea, with flavors unique to their tea gardens.

Blends usually contain the lowest quality CTC (crushed up scraps) tea leaves and are often artificially flavored to make up for the poor taste. Unfortunately, there are not many options available for high quality loose leaf blends at this time. However, we believe this will change as the industry moves forward with better tasting, superior quality teas. For now, we continue to bring you the incredible, natural flavors of single origin teas from around the world.
How much tea comes in each box?
Our boxes contain 2 different teas that equal a total of 40 grams of tea. The typical serving size is: 2 grams (~1 tsp) in 8 oz of water = 1 cup of tea. However, you’re getting much more than 20 cups of tea...

Loose leaf teas are meant to be re-steeped multiple times, as each new steep is a whole new cup of tea (not a watered down version of the first cup). The re-steeps reveal new flavors, with exciting notes emerging in each infusion. Each tea comes with a steeping guide and recommendations on how many re-steeps you can enjoy (usually ~3-4) so you get the most flavor out of your cups of tea. That’s ~40-60+ cups, depending on your steeping preferences.
What's the shelf life of the tea?
We strive to bring you the freshest tea possible, straight from the farm. Loose leaf tea, when stored properly, has a longer shelf life than store-bought tea bag tea. If you keep your tea in it’s airtight pouch, protected from light, it will remain fresh for a year or more. Black tea can stay fresh 2-3 years. We recommend enjoying your teas in the first 3-6 months for maximum freshness.
Do I have to use your brewing recommendations?
We provide a simple steeping guide with each tea to help you get the most out of your cup and we recommend you use it. We also love to experiment with our tea brewing methods and steep times. We encourage you to explore and have fun on your tea journey as you discover your personal preferences.

Atlas Rewards Program

What is your rewards program?
Our rewards program was designed to enhance every part of your tea subscription with us.
You’ll receive points for:
  1. The miles your tea travels
  2. Each country you visit (receive tea from)
  3. Money you’ve saved with your subscription
  4. Gifts purchased
  5. Friends referred
We’ll automatically assign your account points that you can use to unlock discounts, store credit, and more.
How do I become a member of your rewards program?
When you sign up for a monthly subscription, activate your account and you’re all set.
Can I cancel my account and keep my points?
At this time we’re only able to save your points while you’re an active subscriber.


Change tea preferences?
Want to change your tea preferences? Easy! You can log in to your account > access your portal > change your tea preference. Login here: Atlas Tea Club – Login
Still need help? Email us:
Change shipping frequency?
Want to receive tea on a different schedule? We can accommodate. 1 box of tea every week or 1 box of tea every 2 months, we work with your schedule.
You can log in to your account > access your portal > change your shipping schedule. Login here: Atlas Tea Club – Login
Still need help? Email us:
Monthly Subscriptions & How to Cancel
With your Atlas Tea Club subscription, you understand and agree to be billed on a per-order basis, in a recurring fashion, at the frequency and quantity of your choosing until you decide to cancel your subscription.

You can cancel your subscription at any time via logging into your customer portal through our website here. You can email our customer support team for help at:

To cancel your subscription via your customer account, login to your account and click "Tea Membership Settings". After you click "Tea Membership Settings", follow the prompts under "Stop Subscription" to cancel your subscription.

Please do let us know if you have any questions. You can message us at

Managing Your Account

What can I do with my account?
With your online account, you can update your preferences, shipping address, billing information, and adjust your shipping schedule. You can also track your reward points!
I forgot my password?
Please email us so we can help.
I didn’t receive an account email confirmation?
Please email us so we can confirm your email on file and re-send a confirmation.


Can I cancel at anytime?
Yes. You can log in to your account and cancel any time. You can also pause your subscription and it will be on hold (you will not be charged) until you choose to resume it at any time. Please email us if you need further assistance.
What forms of payment do you accept?
American Express, Visa, Master Card, Discover, Capital One, + all major credit cards & PayPal are all accepted.
I have a subscription – when will I be charged?
You will be charged when your next order is being prepared to be shipped to you. You will receive an email notification a few days prior to the next charge to let you know we’re working on your upcoming shipment.
I bought a gift subscription – when will I be charged?
You will only be charged once, when your gift is purchased. Your gift will not automatically renew upon completion.
How do I update my card or change my payment method?
You can log in to your account > access your portal > update payment. Login here: Atlas Tea Club – Login
How do I update my billing address?
You can log in to your account > access your portal > update billing address. Login here: Atlas Tea Club – Login
How do I update my shipping address?
You can log in to your account > access your portal > update shipping address. Login here: Atlas Tea Club – Login
Do you charge shipping fees?
Subscriptions ship at a flat rate of $4.95. All gifts include free shipping.


Can I gift tea to someone?
Of course! We recommend our Tea World Tour Gift Subscriptions which you can find here!
I bought a gift subscription, when will I be charged?
You will only be charged once, when your gift is purchased through the online checkout. Your gift will not automatically renew upon completion.
Can I receive the first Gift order and have the rest delivered to a different address?
Yes! When you purchase the gift, enter your own address as the shipping address. Once you give the recipient their first shipment, they can then change their shipping address to receive the remaining orders.
Do Gift Subscriptions renew?
Our Gift Subscriptions do not automatically renew. However, after the gift ends you will be able to extend the gift if you’d like!
Can I order now and postpone the first shipment?
Yes! You can order your gift today and postpone the first shipment of your gift to go out any business day in the future. You’ll see the option at checkout, under “ADDITIONAL GIFT OPTIONS”, to select your first ship date.
Can my gift recipient make changes after I sign them up?
They sure can! We pride ourselves on accommodating our subscribers – they can easily create their own account portal to manage their preferences, or reach out to us at anytime to update their tea preferences or shipping information:

Can I share a gift message with my order?
Yes! After you’ve selected which gift you’d like to share, e.g. 3, 6, or 12 months, you will see “ADDITIONAL GIFT OPTIONS”, below this you will see the option to check a box to send a gift note.
Do you include prices in the box?
We do not. The gift recipient will not see any form of invoice or price.
How do I extend a gift?
When your last gift shipment has shipped, you'll receive a special offer to extend the gift. Or, you can email us and we’ll keep the tea world tour going!
Ordering more than 10 Gifts? Or gifts for your office, clients, etc.?
If you’re ordering a large volume of gifts or gifts for your office or clients, please feel free to email us at and we can help.
What happens at the end of the gift period?
Gift subscriptions do not automatically renew. Once the last order is sent the gift is completed!
What kind of tea will be included in the gift subscription?
We offer a variety of pure teas including green, black, white, oolong, and more, which offer the authentic flavors of the regions they’re grown in. We highlight a new country each month and the recipient will receive 2 new teas in each box!
Does the recipient need to register the Gift Subscription to receive the remaining orders?
The recipient does not need to register the gift. They will continue to receive the gift shipments whether they registered or not! If they ever wish to update their preferences, they can reach out to us at and we’d be happy to help!

Received a Gift

I received a gift – How do I change my preferences?
You can register your Gift Subscription here. By registering your gift and creating an account, you’ll be able to view your upcoming orders, receive notifications, and update your preferences anytime!
Do I need to register my Gift Subscription to receive the remaining orders?
No, you do not need to register your gift. You’ll continue to receive your gift shipments whether you registered or not! If you ever wish to update your preferences, you can reach out to us at and we’d be happy to help!
Can I update my tea preferences?
You can register your Gift Subscription here. By registering your gift and creating an account, you’ll be able to view your upcoming orders, receive notifications, and update your preferences anytime!
I received a gift – How do I learn more?
What can we help you with? Want to learn how to make better tea at home? Check out our Brew Guides.
Want to chat? Email:

Steeping Tips

How do I get a tea flavor wheel to use at home?
You can download one here – Tea Flavor Wheel
I want to brew better tea at home, any recommendations?

Brewing Guide

How to Make the Perfect Cup of Tea

Brewing Methods

Find our equipment-specific brewing guides here for your preferred method, from french press to gaiwan, from simple teapot to no tea ware at all.


Can my order arrive before the holidays?
We recommend placing your orders to be shipped out before December 16th for delivery before December 25th.
Where we ship & timeline?
At this time we only ship within the United States. Standard shipping timeline: 3 to 6 business days.
When will my first order arrive?
Your first order ships within 3-6 business days. Each subsequent month, your box will ship on or around that initial order date.

If you ordered a gift, it will ship within 3-6 business days unless you choose to delay the first shipment by selecting the option “choose a first shipment date.” When you choose a specific date to ship, you will see the estimated delivery date.
Shipping Deadlines to Arrive before December 25th
December 15th is the deadline to place an order to be shipped out, so that it will be delivered before December 25th.

We work diligently with our shipping provider to make sure your tea is delivered within this time frame but we do appreciate your patience if things don't go according to plan.

Can't find what you're looking for?

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