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How to store tea

When it comes to storing loose leaf tea, there are a few important points to remember so you can keep your tea fresher for longer. The key elements to tea freshness are light, air, water, and temperature. Your tea stays fresh when it’s protected from light, sealed in an airtight container, and kept in a cool, dry place. The original packaging your Atlas Tea comes in provides all of these elements for your tea.

When stored properly, loose leaf tea has a longer shelf life than tea bags and most of the teas you’ll find in the supermarket. High quality loose leaf tea retains more flavor and aroma potential than any other tea so don’t let those delicious flavors go to waste. Use these tips to ensure you’re always drinking a fresh cup of tea.
What to store tea in. The best containers for tea have an airtight seal and are dry, cool, and odor-free.
The best containers for tea:
  • Maintain an airtight seal
  • Protect from light
  • Don’t absorb odors
  • Keep the tea completely dry
  • We recommend...The resealable pouch your tea comes in does a great job of keeping it fresh. Stainless steel tins are durable and ideal for tea as they block sunlight and odors. Colored glass jars offer the same benefits as tea tins but should be kept out of direct sunlight.
    The worst containers for tea:
  • Don't keep a tight seal
  • Don't block sunlight
  • Absorb odors
  • Allow in moisture
  • Avoid these...paper bags, plastic containers, clear glass jars, or any container with a poor seal
    Where to store tea. It's best to store tea in a cool, dry, and dark place.
    The best place to store tea is:
  • cool (not hot or cold)
  • dry (no moisture)
  • dark (protected from light)
  • away from strong odors (that it might absorb)
  • We recommend...a kitchen cabinet or pantry (as long as it doesn’t share shelf space with spices!)
    The worst place to store tea is:
  • hot or cold
  • damp or moist
  • in direct sunlight
  • close to strong odors
  • Avoid these...the fridge, the freezer, or any space without good temperature regulation (like a hot attic or garage)
    How long to store tea. As you know, tea has a long shelf life when stored properly. If you follow the guidelines above, your tea should stay fresh for a solid 6-12 months at least. If you’re unsure about if your tea is out of date, simply open the packaging and check out your tea. Does it have any moisture or mold? If so, toss it out. If it’s dry and looks ok, try brewing a cup. You’ll know by the taste if it’s stale or no longer flavorful. If you want to avoid stale old tea, be sure to drink it within the first 3 months, when it’s at peak freshness and flavor.
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