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We Curate The World’s Best Tea

A tea of the month club that curates amazing single origin teas from around the world. Nepal, Sri Lanka, Kenya, & beyond!

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Delivered To Your Door

Each month features 2 unique teas with flavor notes, a postcard, and steeping tips. The world of tea delivered to your door.

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A World Tour of Amazing Tea

We send you amazing teas you won’t find anywhere else. Every month a new country and delicious flavors to explore with your cup of tea.

Take a world tour of amazing tea

With 50+ countries producing tea, a subscription to Atlas Tea Club is the easiest way to discover tea from around the world. Prepare for an adventure in every cup...

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Travel the World One Cup at a Time

Each month a new adventure

With dozens of countries to explore, you’ll enjoy a tasting tour of the world’s best teas from Japan, Kenya, Nepal, Sri Lanka & beyond.

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Artfully cultivated & delivered fresh

Each batch is carefully plucked and skillfully prepared by tea artisans to explore the unique flavors of the local region.

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A world tour of amazing tea

Think of us as your tea tour guides, sending you amazing teas you can't find on the shelf.

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5 star rating
“With each package it’s like taking a mini vacation. I enjoy the postcard, picture and synopsis followed by several cups for each selection of these fine teas... I highly recommend this as a gift. It’s truly been a joy and I look forward to each and every box!” —David H.
 Premium loose leaf tea
 Delivered Fresh

Each box includes:

  • A curation of the world's best single origin tea
  • A postcard from a new country each month
  • Flavor notes & steeping tips for each tea
  • All-natural, compostable tea filters
  • Your personalized preferences, on your schedule
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